We heart your pets.


Depending on a home rental or an apartment rental there are certain weights and costs for your pets.

Our policy is that we must meet and approve of your pet. We are looking for good pet people so if you have a glowing reference, please bring it along for your visit.Most rentals have a weight limit of 35lbs. We require that all pets have proper idenifications,licenses, vaccinations and are spayed or neutered. If your pet is approved than the fees or deposit will depend on the property. Most fees are $200.00 for 1 pet and are non-refundable.

We do have breed restrictions that do not allow any mix that has staffordshire terrior or what is considered a Pit Bull.

We do not allow "outside only" dogs. Dogs may not be tethered or chained. Dogs must be with their owners at all times. Pet feces must be picked up at all times.

Should your pet creat a nuisance or is destructive you will be given 72 hours to remove the pet from the household.


Indoor cats are allowed.