Please read through our Statement of Rental Policy then Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Equal Housing. We do not descriminate on basis of race,religion,handicap status, family status or national origin.

2. Application Process-We only process one application at a time and rent to the first qualified applicant. Each person over the age of 18 must completely fill out an application without omissions or falsifications.We require a Drivers License or other government issued photo I.D. for proof of idenity.

3. Application fee- $50.00 per persons over the age of 18.

4. Qualifications- We use Resident Research screening to process your information, a criminal background check and eviction check is part of the process. Resident Research uses an empirically, statisically sound screening system to evalulate your consumer report. Scoring is based on real data and statistics, so it treats all applicants objectively.Based upon your application score, criminal backgrown & eviction search your application will be either accepted, accepted with conditions or denied.Please note- if one applicant is denied because of criminal history,the entire application is concidered declined and residency will be denied to all applicants and occupants. We reserve the right to deny any application based upon criminal conviction,, quilty plea or no contest, without regards to the nature of the offense.

5. Rental History- a minium of 2 years good rental history is required.

6. Security Deposits- security deposits must be paid at approval of application. No personal checks accepted.

7. Viewing Properties- a minium of 1 person in the party must show a valid photo I.D. to view the property.

8. Occupancy- 5 people for a 2 bedroom, 7 people for a 3 bedroom.

9. Posession of Property- Lessee will not be permitted to take posession of the property until all paperwork is completed and all monies are paid in full. If Lessee takes posession on or after the 23rd of the month then the next month will also be due with the proration.

10. Utilities- All utilities such as Electric and Water are the sole responsibility of the Lessee and must be scheduled prior to move as service at the property will be disconnected. 

11. Pet Fees- Pets are accepted at the Lessors discretion. See pet tab for full details. 

12. Co-Signers- Will be accepted with conditions, please ask for details.



Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the application fee refundable? Once you submit the application the fee is non-refundable regardless if you are approved or denied. If you have concerns about being approved please discuss your situation with us before we process your application.
  2. May I use a co-signer? If you do not qualify on your own, it is possible to have another qualified person sign on the lease with you. They must complete the application and pay the fee and will have the same rights and privileges as the tenants living in the home. C0-Signers may not be used in the case of criminal background or negative rental history.
  3. How much is the security deposit? The standard security deposit is equal to 1 months rent however it may be increased to 1 and 1/2 as deemed necessary on conditional approval.
  4. How long can the property be held after approval? In general the maximum time we can hold a ready apartment is 15 days wiith the reservation deposit.